Dru Yoga


DRU YOGA is taught in a gentle flowing style and assists you to release your creativity, to express your loving heart and to enhance your connection with the earth.  Dru Yoga offers opportunities to follow the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and his work for world peace.

The word Dru means still point and the aim of Dru Yoga is to assist you to find the still point inside while in motion in your daily life.

Dru Yoga assists you to appreciate and value the world and land around you, to access the energy of your heart and passion and to direct this energy for the benefit to the whole world.

Physically the body is held gently, there are no locked joints and you are inspired to reach the highest potential of each movement in the gentlest way possible.  People new to Dru yoga are often surprised by how much can be achieved through gentleness and fun.

“Believe in yourself and believe in what you can achieve.”
Mansukh Patel

For more information on Dru Yoga please got to http://www.druyoga.com.au/