Who is driving our car?


This term we have had lots of interest in kids’ classes and opportunities for parents.  I love teaching kids yoga; what a fun way to assist kids and teenagers with not just their physical well being but also their emotional and mental well being.
I have been thinking about other opportunities for kids and teenagers and next term will be running another short course called “Driving My Car”. This will again be a four week course and an introduction to kids in the ways of understanding themselves, their personalities and behaviours. It will assist them to understand themselves through the analogy of a car. Everybody is a different car, we drive different ways, we go different directions, have different engines or needs and definitely different ways of driving to get what we want. The course will focus on understanding this and learning some language to assess whether what the children are doing is working; i.e. is the behaviour they are using meeting their needs and getting them what they want in a positive and useful way. Car registration details will be up on the website within the next 4 weeks!
One parent said to me recently when we were discussing the course described above for kids, what I need is one for adults: about driving my car now I have passengers! If this is your interest then the parenting workshop with Nancy Snow is for you. It is exactly for you.  People have asked if they can have a couple discount. Please contact me if both parents would like to attend the parenting workshop and we will see what we can do. We would like to support you both to come to the workshop and this needs to be balanced with Nancy’s costs in coming from NSW to be in Alice Springs.
Bookings are still open for the Basic Intensive Training and you can pay this in instalments if money is a concern. It will be a great opportunity to get two of us (Nancy and myself) for the price of one, so to speak, and therefore lots more insight and personal attention over the course.
Other requests have come in for yoga in schools, playgroups and Indigenous organisations. Thanks for all your interest. I love to come and teach out in the community and run other courses or workshops.
The Beyond Limitations individualised sessions and counselling are still available.  There has been some good news regarding provision of services for people using Better Outcomes or the GP Mental Health rollout, so with an appropriate referral you can get a medicare rebate for a reasonable percentage of the fee.
Finally, I hope the Elf in Self is smiling and here is a tip from Karen Nespor on one way to include smiles in your day:
Laughter with breathing This can be practised also when walking. During inhalation we are aware of the incoming breath in the nostrils and repeat mentally “I breathe peace”. When exhaling we repeat “I breathe out and smile”
Advantages: Discreet and unobtrusive. To practice for a short time may be enough.
Perils: You should not practice it when dealing with hungry lions and in similar situation when absolute concentration is required.
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