Welcome to Term 2, 2012

I look forward to seeing new and returning smiling faces in term 2.  For more information about the classes please view the Term 2 Timetable – Dru Yoga and Meditation, Satyananda style Yoga and Meditation, Yoga for Kids, Prenatal and Mothers’ and Babies’ Yoga and Meditation. Parents, carers and teachers, we have lots of kids classes this term; the classes are small to ensure each child gets indiviual attention.  Lots of fun and laughter …
“I just love yoga, I’m not sure why”. (10-12 year class, Term 1)
“Go yoga! I love it!” (7-9 year class, Term 1)
“We learned how to be calm when we are upset.” (Class 3 student, Term 4, 2011)
Download flyer I am pleased to offer discounts to some classes for members of Birth and Beyond Parent Resource Centre.  Please check the timetable or the kids’ yoga brochure for details.
Bookings for classes
All classes need a minimum of five people booked in for the class to run.
I would appreciate it if you would ring or email me prior to attending casually.
Ayurveda Sri Lanka Tour 24 October – 6 November
Are you interested in travelling to Sri Lanka with me?  I am offering a combined ayurvedic retreat and tour of Sri Lanka and I would love you to join me.
Complete tour details
Ayurveda retreat brochure

Please note that bookings are needed by 1 June 2012
Short Courses
This term I am working with a number of associates to develop some short courses; these will include training and development for teachers, counsellors and mental health practitioners, managers and business owner/operators and specialised workshops for youth at risk.  All classes will be accredited by the William Glasser Institute and we are also working to ensure they are accredited by your professional organisation so as to allow you to accrue Continuing Professional Development points.
Theme for this term: Becoming friends with our minds
From a yoga perspective we have three different aspects to our mind. The negative mind keeps us safe when we cross the roads and looks out for trouble. The positive mind shows us new opportunities and makes suggestions and the neutral mind weighs everything up and comes up with a verdict. All aspects are vital to our functioning. However with practice the aspect we want to use the most is the neutral mind. Practices like relaxation, yoga and mindfulness all assist the mind to be more able to respond rather than react and to experience things happening around us, people saying things to us, as information only. The more able we are to develop this aspect of the mind the more able we are to be in control of our lives, make decisions that are congruent with our intents, and behave in ways that sit with our beliefs and values. The practice of observing our thinking patterns will lead us to understanding our mind. So, if you are worried about something and you don’t know the answer, practice calmness. If you are worrying about something and you do have the answer, practice calmness. If you  are worried about something and you don’t know if you have the answer or not, practice calmness. Instead of worrying, practice calmness, because, guess what, it is the true path to happiness.
And finally if you are in Alice Springs and would like to start your morning in a different and relaxing way tune in to Central Australian Sunrise Meditation at the new time of 6.30-7.00am weekdays on 8CCC Community Radio 102.1FM.
In peace


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