The Gift of Higher Vision

The theme for this fortnight is The Gift of Higher Vision.  As human beings we are designed to go for gold, we are designed to aim high, to reach our fullest potential. This is something we want for the children of the world but as we get older we can sometimes downgrade our vision or expect others around us to downgrade. This could be due to a million reasons. Life has put up some big challenges and we think it is more practical, realistic or grown up to downgrade. The difficulty is that we are never happy with second unless we have given it our best shot. The brain doesn’t understand about mistakes because it loves learning. We cannot learn unless we  go down new paths, try new things, take risks, have a go etc.

I remember being told once that I could have everything I wanted, just not all at once. Energy follows intent. If you want something to happen or to be a certain way in life then first allow for the  picture or idea to form in your mind and then there is the Make it so part. Little plans or big plans are just the same; they are the sum of our dreams, hopes, planning and genuine effort to get there.  Habits are habit forming. If what you want is to change something about yourself, focus on what you are doing, the habit you want to bring in practice, and then observe rather than criticise any time you go off track.

Beyond Chronic Pain
I will be running a program at Rocklyn Ashram in Victoria in June. It is the most beautiful place to visit and I would love to see you there.

Sri Lanka – Ayurveda Tour
Please check out the information on the trip to Sri Lanka I am hosting including spending a week at an Ayurvedic Retreat. Expressions of interest close on 1 June – either email or telephone me.

Kids Yoga
Starts this week – details of classes and times here. Check out the information for parents or carers about how yoga is useful for kids. Please note that bookings for the Kids Yoga programs are essential.

Dru Yoga
There are still places in both Saturday morning and Monday night; please give me a ring or email before you attend. Beginners are more than welcome.

Satyananda Style Yoga
A couple of places are still available in the thursday evening class.

I am either available to assist you as a counsellor or life coach. Check out the Counselling and Beyond Limitations information to see if this would be useful to you.

I am happy to say the revised Beyond Chronic Pain download is nearly ready. This download will be a double CD equivalent. A couple more weeks folks for those of you waiting. Beyond Stressing at Work, Beyond Stressing at Home and Beyond Birth (prenatal and postnatal yoga practices) are available for download from our online shop.

The cyber resource this week is the Choice Theory Fan Club page. Bette Blanche is an educator living in New Zealand who has been employed to research across the world for techniques, skills and information that support or are in line with positive psychology. This week she introduced us to for parents, carers, teachers, or anyone working with children this website is full of practical suggestions on communicating effectively with your kids.

We love it! Please send some in or go to the Beyond Breathing Space or Yoga in Alice FaceBook pages and send us a message.

In peace,

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