Term 4 in Alice Springs 2012

Theme for the term
The theme for this term is Reduce Your Capacity for Stress.  We get lots of messages about how we need to better manage stress and the busyness of modern day world. However, what about reducing your capacity to get stressed and increasing your capacity to be relaxed and enjoy all the activities of the day and our lives?Stress is our response to the stimuli we are experiencing either internally or externally. We do have options on how we choose to respond.  In the lead up to the busy season ask your self continually, “How do I want to be right now?”   With practice this helps us get straight back on track.  Of course there is the other question, “Is this the mountain upon which I wish to die?”

Welcome to Term 4
Greetings from  Spring in New Zealand which is very different from Alice Springs at the moment.  Here it alternates between 8 and 15 degrees C, from rain to sun, beautiful blue skies to pouring rain.  However, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and being here leads me to think of planning a yoga retreat in the top of the South Island of New Zealand in Mouteka – yoga, bush and beach walking and other outdoor adventures, laughter, fun and Sangha/community.  What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks to all the people in Wellington who attended the recent workshops; it was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing some of you again next year.  I am now at Anahata Ashram running a program A life of choice which ties in with Navaratri.
I am away for some of this term with the Sri Lanka Ayurveda tour.  This term of Saturday morning Dru Yoga will be taught by Elisabeth Marnie. I know some of you attended classes with her last term so book in with Elisabeth directly. Please note the start time has changed to 9am.Also, by request, I am offering a gentle class of Dru Yoga on Tuesday (a 4-week program starting November 27, and particularly for people who have injuries, are unwell, unfit or beginners to yoga.

My Thursday Satyananda style class is on hold until I return however, Sharon (Sunya) will be teaching Satyananda classes on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings at Satyam Kutir so this is a great opportunity to try a class with someone new.
Pre-Natal Yoga is continuing, so ladies remember it has changed to Monday nights and will be taught continually until December 17.  There will be three different teachers throughout this term including myself at the end, so please take the opportunity to continuing caring for yourself and the new beings to be.
Parent and Baby Yoga will return for a short term starting Thursday November 24. Bookings are required and we need 5 minimum to run.We will offer more Kids’ Yoga this term – a 4-week program will start on Thursday November 22, with two classes – 7-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds.  We welcome continuing and new yoga students to these classes.

Finally, I am offering a short meditation course on Saturday mornings starting November 24. This is a busy time I know, however as we wind up to Christmas and the end of the year it may be useful to you to have a quiet space for an hour and to start some practices to assist you in the following weeks and months.  We will  begin the practices that assist us to be the witness of the mind and emotions.  Beginners are welcome and bookings are essential.For dates, times and booking details please check the timetable, and pass it on to anyone you know who may be interested in one of the classes or courses on offer.  Thankyou!

In peace


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