February 9 2011

Hi letting you know that the

Launch Date for the Downloadables has Changed to

Friday March 11

More details will be available next week. There are three new products titled Beyond Chronic Pain, Beyond Stressing at Home and Beyond Stressing at Work. Plus my pre and postnatal CD has been made downloadable as well and renamed Beyond Birth.

How do these practices work?

The downloads consist of a series of relaxations and visualizations, short practices for when you are at work of no longer than 12 minutes and longer at home. Beyond Chronic Pain has information for managing chronic pain and strategies to aid in healing the pain and the emotional and mental effects of the pain.

Basically all the practices teach the mind to be less reactive and more responsive. The practices have one to four effectiveness in terms of providing rest for the mind.  So, if you are practicing for example the Beyond Stressing at Home for 10 minutes, this equivalent to about 40 minutes sleep. All the practices help with physical stress symptoms from blood pressure to anxiety. They help to calm the emotional body and allow us to be more positive. They also help the negative thought patterns to float away.

My theme for February is steadfast resolution. That is the capacity to   be calm and alike in difficult and easy situations, to treat people that we get annoyed by ,the same as people we enjoy being around. This is a practice in life. Adversity provides us with the opportunity to be better people and to be more true to ourselves. Maybe the Australian version of this is ‘She’ll be right mate’ a much quoted statement from many of the people affected by flood, fire or wind in the last month.At the end of the day it is the lives saved that has been the most important.

I wish you well


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