The Power of Awareness Meditation and Yoga Retreat 22 – 25 April 2016

At some point in any meditation practice, you will be faced with an overactive and willful mind. When you want  peaceful calmness, your mind can be agitated, flitting from one idea to the next. By learning how to develop a friendly relationship with your mind, you don’t have to feel like you are fighting with yourself.

The retreat will explore awareness: What it is. How to practice it properly. How to maintain Awareness. And what Awareness can do for you in all aspects of your life.

Presented by Swami Anandakumar, a highly respected senior meditation teacher at the Bihar School of Yoga with more than 30 years experience.

Detailed Flier here (pdf)

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2015 – Trust is in the mind; faith is in the heart

Welcome to 2015 

Given the current opportunities in the world to induce fear and panic I have decided it is a year to love more, laugh more, share more, forgive more, be more brave, more compassionate and more passionate, risk more, take more actions, smile more, inspire more, trust more, give more, practice awareness in every moment, consider the environment in every action, adapt, adjust and accommodate more and when in doubt draw on the reservoir of inner strength and focus, stand up straighter and choose to be happy in each moment no matter what. Breathing in breathing out allow the whole body to relax. trust is in the mind; faith is in the heart. OM

We have some exciting events happening in 2015:

Classes and regular programs

Dru Yoga

Dru class for term 1 will start on Monday 2nd February running from 5.45pm – 7.15pm. This is a nine week course and will be taught by Elisabeth Marnie. The venue is Om Bhavan, 47 Coolibah Crescent New East Side, Alice Springs (please be mindful of our neighbours’ driveways when you park). The cost is $135 for the term or $17 casual attendance.  Dru Yoga for term 2 will run from 13th April – 15th June, from 5.45pm – 7.15pm. Please note some of the classes are on public holidays and classes will go ahead on these days. For bookings please contact Elisabeth on 08 89537303.


Havan, the fire purification ceremony, will continue this year every month.  The program runs from 5.30pm-6.45pm on Fridays at Om Bhavan, 47 Coolibah Crescent New East Side, Alice Springs. All are welcome, whether you have participated in Havan before or not.  Please bring a gold coin donation.

DATES for first half of 2015: 13 February, 13 March, 17 April, 15 May and 12 June.


Kirtan is devotional singing.  You can come and join the singing, bring a song to share / teach.  The program runs from 3.00pm-4.00pm on Sundays at Om Bhavan, 47 Coolibah Crescent New East Side, Alice Springs. All are welcome, whether you have participated in Kirtan before or not.  Please bring a gold coin donation.

DATES for first half of 2015: 15 February, 15 March, 19 April, and 17 May.

Satsang, Sangha (community) and Supper

Four times a year Mahadevananda and I offer the opportunity for people to come together in community. It is an opportunity to share a part of your journey in Yoga and meet with others. Each program has a theme for discussion, we sing some kirtan, finish with Arati (a ceremony of sharing light) and then share a vegetarian supper.

Bring a plate of vegetarian food (labelled with ingredients please) plus $5 donation.

Saturday 21 March 4.00pm-7.30pm at Om Bhavan, 47 Coolibah Crescent New East Side, Alice Springs.

Workshops and Tours

Classical Hatha Yoga in the Modern Age

We are delighted to announce an intensive weekend workshop in Alice Springs with Swami Ahimsadhara, on 21-22 February. Swami Ahimsadhara is a popular teacher, known for her warmth, humour and depth experience.

The cost is $280 /$235 concession for both days or $150/$135 concession one day. There is an early bird discount of $235 for the two days if paid by 31/1/14. Bookings and enquiries to Sharon (Shoonya Chaitanya) at 89 53 5054

Essence of India Tour 2015 – Nov-Dec

After a great tour last year which has been a highlight of FaceBook recently, planning is underway for Essence of India 2015. The tour dates are being planned around the Sat Chandi Maha Yagna which is from December 12-16. This year the focus will be on exploring in the North of India: Kashmir, Dharamsala/Mcleod Ganj the home of the Dalai Lama, Rishikesh, as well as attendance at the Sat Chandi Maha Yagna in Rikhiapeet. The tour will enter and leave through New Delhi and will include a visit to the Taj Mahal.  Details of the tour are still being finalised with the tour being for approximately 21-23 days long from 21 November to 19 or 20 December.  People are starting to book their spot so please send an expression of interest to if you are thinking of coming along.

Visit to Rocklyn Ashram, Victoria – April

This year is the 30 year celebration of Rocklyn Ashram in Victoria, and Swami Kalikamurti is planning to visit the Ashram in April. She welcomes you to join her. On the weekend of 24-26 April the Ashram runs two programs My Yoga Relax Weekend and Sacred Sounds, Healing Voice. Swami Kalikamurti may attend Rocklyn for a few days in the lead up to this weekend. If you are interested in coming along please let her know by 28 February so we can ensure a place at the Ashram, and hopefully reasonably priced airfares.  Contact or phone 08 89523638.

Basic Intensive Training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management

  • Gain culturally neutral and practical counselling and problem-solving skills
  • Expand your skills in assisting others to take control of their own lives
  • Expanding your communication and leadership skills
  • Plenty of practice in small groups
  • Internationally accredited 4-day training

Melbourne: 26/27 Feb and 2/3 March 8.30am-5pm.
Alice Springs: 16/17 April and 20/21 April 8.30am-5pm.

For Melbourne please contact Anita on 0407264821. For Alice Springs please contact Kalika on 0412179957.  Bookings at

Beyond Limitations

Do you want to change your career or or some aspect of your personal life? This half-day workshop may be just what you need to help you on your journey beyond limitations.

Melbourne:  Saturday 28 Feb 1-5pm
Alice Springs:  Saturday 28 March 1-5pm
Melbourne:  Saturday 2 May 1-5pm

For Melbourne please contact Anita on 0407264821. For Alice Springs please contact Kalika on 0412179957.  Bookings at

Royal Commission Into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse

One of the hearings has examined the response of Satyananda Yoga Ashram to allegations of child sexual abuse by the Ashram’s former spiritual leader in the 1970s and 1980s. For more information including the transcripts please visit the Royal Commission website Case Study 21.

It is best that the darkness comes to the light for all concerned. To be able to move forward there must an irrevocable change to the way sexual abuse has been handled in the past and a guarantee and processes to ensure that nothing can be swept under the carpet again.

In peace,
Swami Kalikamurti Saraswati

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Beyond Limitations Workshop coming soon

Beyond Limitations workshop Alice Springs 14 June

Download the flyer with full details

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Term 2 2014

Hari Om and Welcome to Term 2

I look forward to seeing some of you in class on Saturday mornings.

Seriousness, sincerity and commitment remain our theme for the year. Therefore in your daily practice, and in your life’s practice of being the human being you wish to be in all circumstances, consider these words:

“Yoga is about taking responsibility for yourself and making the effort to change”.
~ Shri Paramahamsa Swami Satsangi ji. Rikhiapeet Satyananda Ashram

The yoga we do when we come to class or on our mat at home is only the beginning. It is the remainder of the day and night where the real practice comes in, where each moment in every way we practice taking responsibility for our own wellbeing, our own behaviour, thoughts feelings and actions. We are not perfect and we all make mistakes however we can all learn and take charge of our own Dharma our own life path.

Yoga Classes in Alice Springs
Please note Dru Yoga classes will start one week later than planned due to the long weekend. I will be taking a rest from teaching Satyananda style yoga this term. Please contact either Mahadevananda or Shoonya for their class details. Download Timetable

Essence of India Tour – November 2014
The three week tour option is booking up fast, so if you are interested please contact me soon. There are still plenty of places for the 11 day tour.
Download Brochure
Download Tour Information 

Beyond Limitations – Alice Springs
This workshop is an opportunity for people who want to spend some focused time aligning themselves with their goals and dreams. Participants will choose whether they want to share their goals with others in the group or work individually. Download Brochure

Counselling – Alice Springs and other locations by telephone or Skype
I specialise in work health, motor accident, mental health, and chronic illness or pain. For appointments please contact me.

Currently I also provide outreach services for Veterans Affairs Counselling Service. For Veterans Affairs appointments contact 1800 011 046 to discuss a referral.

For more information about counselling

in peace
Swami Kalikamurti

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Essence of India: a journey for the mind, body and spirit

Essence of India Flyer

Swami Kalikamurti and Swami Muktibohdananda invite you to a journey through India based around a visit to Rikhiapeeth Ashram in Bihar for the Sat Chandi Maha Yajna / Sita Kalyanam. The journey will also include the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra; a 7-day Ayurvedic holistic health and well-being retreat in Tamil Nadu; and houseboat tour on serene backwaters of Kerala.

The journey begins on 17 November 2014, and there are two options – 21 day tour and 11 day tour.

Bookings are now open and spaces are limited.

Download the flyer here

Download the brochure including detailed itinerary here.

Please contact Kalikamurti to talk about tour details, any special needs you have, and for bookings – 08 8952 3638.



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2014: Seriousness, Sincerity and Commitment

Yoga in Alice Springs Term 1 2014 thumbnail

Yoga in Alice Springs Term 1 2014

Hari Om Blessed Selves,

Towards the end of last year I attended the World Yoga Convention held in Gangar Darshan at Bihar in India. Tens of thousands of yoga aspirants attended and the conference held every 20 years sets the foundations for yoga throughout the world.

At the conference Swami Niranjananda asked us to consider three things: Seriousness, Sincerity and Commitment. These three themes will be the foundation for all classes throughout 2014.  As yoga students we need to learn how to be yoga practitioners in every moment and every breath, in every day and situation in our lives.  The techniques you learn in class may be new or may be some you have already encountered; it is how you incorporate these teachings into your everyday life that will bring change in yourself and the world around you.

Classes in the Dru and Satyananda traditions will offer practitioners opportunities to experience the essence of the tradition and focus on assisting students to translate class experience to their daily life.

There will also be an opportunity each term to come together with other yoga students in Sangha or spiritual community to share teachings and experiences so as to provide support and camaraderie on each of our unique journeys.

Havan and Kirtan will also be offered once a month.

I welcome all new and returning students to classes this year.

“Yoga is going to be the culture of the future. The world can never be saved unless a complete process of reorientation of the yogic culture is imparted to every man, woman and child. Yoga is a universal culture and represents the sentiments, aspirations and ideals, not only of one nation, but of the whole world.”  Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Term 1 timetable

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Beyond the Yoga Mat – Sydney Workshops 23-24 November

For Sydneysiders, and for friends of Sydneysiders …

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Term 4 timetable and news

Leading up to the end of 2013, we have Satyananda and Dru classes running.  You are also very welcome to attend Havan (fire ceremony) and Kirtan (singing and chanting).

Term 4 Timetable

Swami Kalikamurti is leading a program “Beyond the Yoga Mat” in Sydney on 23 and 24 November so please pass on the details to people who you think would benefit.

Beyond the Yoga Mat – Kirribilli

Finally, 8CCC Community Radio has just featured a two part story on the history of Satyananda yoga in Alice Springs, featuring some of the teachers and students, including Swami Kalikamurti. You can listen to the programs online at the Yoga In Alice FaceBook page.



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Changed Yoga Timetable

Beginners Yoga on Tuesdays due to start on September 10 has been  cancelled due to lack of enrollments

Dru Yoga on Staurdays has now been extended for 6 weeks. If you wanted to attend Beginners on Tuesday then this is the class for you. New students are welcome to join in to the new round of classes. Classes will be held from September 14 through to Octboer 19 inclusive. Casual cost is $16 per class, or you can pay for the whole 6 weeks which will be $84. Please confirm your interest with an email or phone call.

Mangove Mountain Ashram Program Easter 2014.  At this stage it is planned that both Paramahansa Niranjan and Swami Satsanghi will be visiting for an Easter program. Bookings will open on October 31 2013. If you wish to join in an Alice Springs group travelling to the ashram please have your expression of interest in by October 19 as this program will book out incredibly fast and numbers will be limited. Alternatively you can book yourself by going onto the Mangrove Mountain Satyanada Ashram web site.

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Updated timetable for term 3

Some changes have been made to prenatal, parent and baby and beginners’ classes in response to students’ requests.

Please check the revised timetable.


In Peace, Kalikamurti

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