2014: Seriousness, Sincerity and Commitment

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Yoga in Alice Springs Term 1 2014

Hari Om Blessed Selves,

Towards the end of last year I attended the World Yoga Convention held in Gangar Darshan at Bihar in India. Tens of thousands of yoga aspirants attended and the conference held every 20 years sets the foundations for yoga throughout the world.

At the conference Swami Niranjananda asked us to consider three things: Seriousness, Sincerity and Commitment. These three themes will be the foundation for all classes throughout 2014.  As yoga students we need to learn how to be yoga practitioners in every moment and every breath, in every day and situation in our lives.  The techniques you learn in class may be new or may be some you have already encountered; it is how you incorporate these teachings into your everyday life that will bring change in yourself and the world around you.

Classes in the Dru and Satyananda traditions will offer practitioners opportunities to experience the essence of the tradition and focus on assisting students to translate class experience to their daily life.

There will also be an opportunity each term to come together with other yoga students in Sangha or spiritual community to share teachings and experiences so as to provide support and camaraderie on each of our unique journeys.

Havan and Kirtan will also be offered once a month.

I welcome all new and returning students to classes this year.

“Yoga is going to be the culture of the future. The world can never be saved unless a complete process of reorientation of the yogic culture is imparted to every man, woman and child. Yoga is a universal culture and represents the sentiments, aspirations and ideals, not only of one nation, but of the whole world.”  Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Term 1 timetable

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